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All Aboard for Kids strives to foster all children, through thoughtful and inventive activities, growth in cognitive ability, retention of academic progress, as well as enduring social bonds with peers. Their organization promotes broad community support for the children and families who are impacted by autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Founded in 2016 by local parents, All Aboard for Kids hosts two multi-week summer day camp programs. Summer day camp programs are available for all area students K-8. All activities are offered in an inclusive learning environment, led by certified teachers, and an experienced and motivated staff. Camps are designed to provide benefits such as preventing cognitive regression, easing the transition to the next school year, encouraging social skill development with peers, and promoting physical activity/gross motor skills.

All Aboard for Kids provides much needed respite for parents/siblings/caregivers of children with special needs.  They understand how important this opportunity is for not just the kids, but those caring for them as well.

In order to continue to build their unique and special programs, All Aboard for Kids needs your help! All donations received will be used to provide scholarships for families in need. For more information on all the good All Aboard for Kids does, please visit

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