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PuppyUp Des Moines

PuppyUp Des Moines is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to canine cancer, its similarities to human cancer, and to funding education, awareness and research that benefits pets and people. They accomplish their mission through educating, empowering and mobilizing and investing in research. The PuppyUp Foundation has funded over $600,000 in cancer research in the areas of osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that affects children and large and giant bred dogs; breast and bladder cancers; canine lymphoma, a blood cancer affecting both humans and canines; as well as mast cell tumors, a form of skin cancer. The PuppyUp Foundation is the nation’s only organization that raises awareness and funds to find links between human and canine cancers. A donation to PuppyUp Des Moines is a donation toward vital research to some of the most common cancers affecting our loved ones including breast, bone, blood, and even prostate cancer, while providing essential programs for prevention and early detection.

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