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Central Iowa Shelter & Services

$1, $5, $20, $50... What impact could those dollars have to a deserving local non-profit? How many meals, pieces clothing or nights of shelter could it provide for those in dire need? Our GiveIowa program does that thinking for you. Monthly, we chose a local non-profit organization to show our support to through crowdfunding. For the month of November, Central Iowa Shelter & Services has been nominated and selected as our GiveIowa organization. Central Iowa Shelter & Services is the biggest shelter in the state of Iowa and not only provides a roof over the heads of many, but they also provide food and clothing to many in need. Homelessness is a global issue, and CISS is doing their part to support those in Iowa with the daily resources they need to survive. Your contribution will help provide food, shelter, clothing, and training to men, women and families across the state. Don't forget the first $250 of donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Greater Iowa Credit Union!

GICU will be donating $250 to this great, nominated organization and matching up to an additional $250 in donations. 100% of your kind donation will be added to this amount.

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