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Community and Family Resources

Community and Family Resources (CFR) is a local non-profit agency dedicated to helping people recover from addiction and mental health disorders. CFR’s mission is to proactively assist individuals, families, and communities achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle through advocacy, prevention, and treatment of substance use, problem gambling, and mental illness. Community and Family Resources has been a free-standing non-profit provider of behavioral health services since 1968 with a focus on inspiring prevention, treatment, and recovery. Substance use, problem gambling, and mental health disorders are real issues and affect so many within our communities. The benefits that result from effective treatment and recovery are immeasurable and with our help, they can continue to serve those in need. The CFR currently has a special project for their Ames location that is in need of funding. The project focuses on addressing a component of care through the creation of a serenity garden. The purpose of the serenity garden would be to provide a quiet, safe, and relaxing space to practice meditation in nature. Mindfulness therapy can help those with anxiety disorders focus on the present and stop attempting to control distressing thoughts and feelings, helping them to lower stress and manage worry. With May being Mental Health Month – now is the perfect time to raise awareness and support this up and coming new project within our community!

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