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The Dream Catchers Foundation

There’s something powerful about a fresh hair cut or makeover. Such a simple act of self-care can completely change how someone feels about himself or herself. Tricia Rivas found her calling when she realized the impact she could make as a licensed beauty professional to help restore confidence in others. Her vision was to help terminal patients and those going through hard times to see themselves in a whole new light. The Dream Catchers Foundation was woven together in 2015 to help foster the mission of rejuvenating the spirit through volunteer beauty services in Des Moines and Iowa. This non-profit is the only one of its kind that provides salon services for men, women, and children that are chronically and terminally ill, as well as their caregivers. Recently, they have partnered with EMPOWER Boutique Salon at John Stoddard Cancer Center. The Dream Catchers Foundation donates their professional skills to provide free beauty services to patients here. Together they help cancer patients here look and feel their best as they go through chemo, radiation, and other treatments. A dream catcher symbolizes their work because it helps filter out bad dreams so only good ones remain. The Dream Catchers Foundation encourages people to filter out the negative in their life and focus on the positive. By supporting others to feel better on the outside, they believe this will help them feel better on the inside. Your support will help provide pop up salon events, extra goodies for the Dream Bags, volunteer appreciation days, media kits, marketing supplies, and Dream Catchers insurance. Donate today to help others channel their inner and outer beauty!

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