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Healthiest Ames Face Mask Project for Ames Schools

Healthiest Ames is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Ames and Iowa a healthier place to live. For over nine years they have funded projects and gathered volunteers to support state and local initiatives to improve quality of life. Their core principles to promote education and lifelong engagement in healthy living include healthy food choice, health condition awareness, physical activity, and community connectedness. Their most recent project is providing face masks to Ames Community School District students. Since ACSD asks that each student has at least five masks, there’s a significant need to be filled. Healthiest Ames collects donations to purchase commercial masks and supplies to create their own. By purchasing supplies and having volunteers sew handmade masks, they are able to significantly cut down on costs and produce more masks for students. Your donation of just $6 provides one commercial mask and three handmade masks to students. Help us make Ames Community School District a safer and healthier place for students and staff by providing your support today!

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