Martha’s House of Hope

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Being pregnant can be one of the most excited and stressful circumstances a woman faces. Expecting moms without a support system face many challenges through both pregnancy and raising a child. Many programs in Iowa can help meet some needs, but don’t necessarily provide a holistic approach a mother and child need to thrive.

Martha’s House of Hope in Ames is different than other nonprofit homeless shelters or women’s services. They provide housing, support, counseling services, transportation assistance, and classes in parenting, nutrition, and financial wellness. Residents also have opportunities to grow spiritually during their stay as well. This comprehensive approach helps improve long-term success as the women venture into motherhood.

Expecting moms can stay at Martha’s House of Hope up until the child’s first birthday. Their ultimate goal is to help mothers secure reliable income and housing so they can raise their child on their own. It cost about $12,000 to host a resident for a year. Your support will go directly towards providing expecting moms with everything they need to prepare for and raise their child.

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