It’s What Makes A Cooperative Different

Instead of allowing big corporations and companies to decide what causes and non-profit organizations they will support, we asked ourselves, “What if people decided instead?” And, better yet, “How can we make that happen?” This is why we started GiveIowa® – and it’s what being a cooperative is about: putting people first.

GiveIowa.org allows Greater Iowa Credit Union members the opportunity to have their voices heard. As a member, you can nominate the non-profit organizations you feel do the most good in the communities we serve. Each month, we randomly select one organization to receive much-needed additional funding – $250 – and then allow anyone – members and those who should be – to add their support.

All of the collected funds go to the organization. There is no limit to how many times you can nominate an organization or personal donation expectation. If they are posted on GiveIowa.org, they will receive at least $250 from Greater Iowa Credit Union, and receive matching up to an additional $250 in donations.

People coming together for the betterment of all – that’s what the cooperative spirit and GiveIowa are all about. Together, we can transform our neighborhoods, communities and cities into even better places to live, to raise our children, to grow. We believe that. And, by visiting our site, we think you do, too.
GICU members can nominate the next project we fund.Nominate

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